When Commissions Go Awry…


When your Gallery commissions an artist to create a year-long participatory installation to encourage visitors of all ages to engage meaningfully with contemporary works of art…

And the artist installs a chair that makes fart noises when you sit on it. 
Editor’s note: My husband really wants to know what museum this is in so we (he) can visit it. Once we visited the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, where they have a whole interactive exhibit on flatulence. Long story short, I had to drag him away/threaten to leave him in downtown Baltimore and now no other exhibit will ever compare. For him. 

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I’ve been away from tumblr for about two years and all of you have changed your usernames and I just don’t know who is who anymore

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When an announcement is made that there’s leftover rich-people food from last night’s development reception.



When this email comes in, there’s nothing but a me-shaped cloud of dust left at my desk. 

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wherever they go, and whatever happens to them on the way, in that enchanted place on the top of the forest, a little bear will always be waiting

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"You’re disappointed. Shit, this ain’t about the bug, is it? This is you trying to make the past be everything, mean everything. You don’t even want to think about the here and now. Sorry, Bubs. Shame ain’t worth as much as you think. Let it go."

Waylon, The Wire

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i want a word for the almost-home.

that point where the highway’s monotony becomes familiar
that subway stop whose name will always wake you from day’s-end dozing
that first glimpse of the skyline
that you never loved until you left it behind.

what do you call the exit sign you see even in your dreams?
is there a name for the airport terminal you come back to,
comfortably exhausted?

i need a word for rounding your corner onto your street,
for seeing your city on the horizon,
for flying homewards down your highway.

give me a word for the boundary
between the world you went to see
and the small one you call your own.

i want a word for the moment you know
you’re almost home.


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this is the only frozen-related gifset you’ll ever need

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For the last three years I’ve been working in this room on an album that is a map of me; who I am, how I think, and the way I feel. 

In one week, Organs will finally be released to the world. 

Pre-order your copy here on CD or vinyl!

Learn about the London release events I’m holding this weekend!

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Untitled sur We Heart It. http://weheartit.com/entry/76395106


Untitled sur We Heart It. http://weheartit.com/entry/76395106

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The Netflix season of Arrested Development is so painful to get through, but since watching another episode I have had the “Beads! Bees? BEADS. BEES?” exchange stuck in my head and it brings me so much joy throughout the day.

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Oh no! My queue is empty! Here is a ramble post.


I love my landlord. I told her my washing machine was showing an error code and she called the manufacturer the next day, which was a saturday. And she was overseas on holidays. 

Everything here is so efficient. It is really hard for us to grasp, because sometimes there is no communication at all. We are used to having someone give us every detail every step of the way, but here sometimes you just have to trust that things are getting done. When we are nervous that no one is telling you anything, out of nowhere and much sooner than you thought possible, someone will call you and say “your delivery is coming in half an hour”.

Or, you ask “when is the soonest you can deliver this?” and they muck around and um and ahh and flip through pages and make phone calls, but then the answer is “I can fit you in tomorrow”. 

The downside is, sometimes they say they will come at 4pm and they come at 11am and you are still in your pyjamas. At least they call first. 

Do you even know how easy it was to get our utilities connected? It was definitely easier than even getting information out of any utilities company in Australia as an Australian citizen, and as the OWNER of the utilities account. WTF. 

Gas and Electricity - over email, completed in 24 hours. One email applying for the service, one email confirming service connection! Water was a little bit harder, if you don’t have a Hong Kong ID you have to go to the office - which we totally dreaded. As it turns out we were there for maybe ten minutes. five minutes waiting in a two person queue. Five minutes watching the lady process our forms. Eugene asked “when will the water be available?” to which the service lady incredulously replied ” What? It’s on now.”

Because everything is so easy and cheap and fast, you cannot really begrudge the whole country when something fails or that people don’t ask you if you are having a nice weekend.